Welcome to Atu House

Atu House is the name of the publishing house created by M.M. Meleen, the creator of the limited edition tarot decks the Rosetta Tarot (at www.rosettatarot.comand Tabula Mundi (at www.tabulamundi.com), and the author of The Book of Seshet, the companion book to the Rosetta Tarot. We hope to offer you more traditional occult-themed decks and books as well in the future. Everything is printed in the USA.

The Rosetta Tarot is a 78 Card Thoth based tarot deck, and the Book of Seshet is both the companion guide to the Rosetta Tarot and a useful resource for all Golden Dawn and Thoth based decks. The Rosetta Tarot First Edition, full size cards,  of 777 copies is SOLD OUT but the Rosetta Tarot Pocket-Deck-In-A-Tin is still available. The Book of Seshet is SOLD OUT but the entire book is contained within a Rosetta app from The Fool's Dog for iPad/iPhone/iTouch or for Android at Google Play. It contains the entire book in portable format. 

Tabula Mundi is is now available in a 78 card edition in color (Tabula Mundi Colores Arcus), or in black and white (Tabula Mundi Nox et Lux).  It is also available in an extra large Majors only set, in color with silver foil or in black and white. 

Full size first edition vs Pocket Size in a Tin Info: Pocket Size is Available. Full Size is sold out. Both decks are printed by the same USA company on the same cardstock. The difference is in the size, and the container. Rosetta Tarot (full size) cards are 117x70 mm and come in a clamshell box with a little white book. Pocket Rosetta tarot cards are 83x54mm and come in a tin lined with a double sided satin ribbon in red or dark blue. The tins come with the rose card back design on the cover or can be customized with the image of any card, or the stele of revealing front and back. The smaller decks are ideal for portable magic techniques and have a handmade container while the larger decks are standard size and have a box similar to mass market editions. 

Pocket Size decks come with a CUSTOMIZABLE SIGNIFICATOR, with one name or word on it. For a limited time only, when you order the Rosetta Tarot Pocket Deck you will receive a free extra professionally printed card with your name (or the name of your choice) hand written in Egyptian hieroglyphs in a cartouche held by Seshet. This can be used as a significator in your tarot readings. Please specify the name you would like written on the bonus significator card when ordering in the "special instructions" box. If no instructions are given as to the name desired, or if you just want to customize it yourself, instructions for writing the hieroglyphs are provided.

My second deck TABULA MUNDI will be available in a color version Oct 18th both here and at www.tarotcart.com  See www.tabulamundi.com for pictures of the cards and more.

Shipping: We ship USPS Priority with tracking. A small, flat rate priority mail box or padded envelope ships to the US for $6 and internationally for $34, Canada $25. International shipments are at the risk of the buyer. There is rarely a problem although on occasion they can take several weeks to arrive though most often they arrive much sooner. If ordering multiple items or if you have any questions about the best way to order in regard to shipping, please email for assistance. Often I can combine things in a way to save you money and send you a Paypal invoice directly.

NOTE ABOUT SHIPPING: Some combinations of products may result in the shopping cart erroneously charging you for two packages, when they will ship in one. If you see that you are being charged more than the amounts listed above, you can email me and I will send you a Paypal invoice with the correct shipping cost. Or, if you just place your order I WILL refund the shipping difference immediately upon processing the order.

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