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Please note: This store is closing in 2023. Our new store is located at https://tarotcart.com/ Please bookmark it and make future purchases there. Thanks and see you there! - MM

Atu House is the name of the publishing house created by M.M. Meleen, the creator of the limited edition tarot decks the Rosetta Tarot (at www.rosettatarot.comand Tabula Mundi Tarot (at www.tabulamundi.com), and the author of the Book of Seshet, the companion book to the Rosetta Tarot. Now there is a new work called Pharos (at www.tabulamundi.com/Pharos/).

If you see any of these decks for sale anywhere but here or one of the links above, please report it. Unless someone is selling a single used copy they bought here, these decks are sold only directly by the artist. This store and the tarotcart.com store are the only place to get these decks - decks sold anywhere else are likely to be pirated items of inferior quality. Please report them.

Questions? Contact us via mail at info (at) rosettatarot.com.

Looking for sold out decks and/or original artworks by M.M. Meleen? Checkout our new auction site at www.tarotcart.auction for exciting rare and one-of-a-kind offerings.

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This is a static page. To view the blog with news about Rosetta, Tabula Mundi, Pharos, and all ATU House offerings, wisit www.tabulamundi.com. Tabula Mundi Colores Arcus (full size, 1st edition) is SOLD OUT but a NEW EDITION is available. The Tabula Mundi In Minima pocket size edition is still available. For news of future editions, please subscribe to the newsletter here: https://gem.godaddy.com/signups/197466/join You will need to reply to the email it sends you in order to actually be signed up, and set the address to your safe list to ensure the letters do not end up in your trash folder.

We hope to offer you more traditional occult-themed decks and books as well in the future. Everything is printed in the USA.



The Rosetta Tarot is a 78 Card Thoth based tarot deck, and the Book of Seshet is both the companion guide to the Rosetta Tarot and a useful resource for all Golden Dawn and Thoth based decks. The Rosetta Tarot First Edition, full size cards,  of 777 copies sold out and the full size Papyrus edition is now also sold out and the Rosetta Tarot in a tin is SOLD OUT, the Rosetta Pocket Box is sold out. There is a new larger edition now available, in a 3.25x5" size with metallic card backs and golden yellow borders with English titles.

To be notified of future editions email info (at) rosettatarot.com The Book of Seshet is in stock and you can also get the entire book and deck contained within a Rosetta Tarot app from The Fool's Dog for iPad/iPhone/iTouch or for Android at Google Play. Tabula Mundi now has an app as well!

You can see the new full size Rosetta Papyrus card borders here.

Tabula Mundi Tarot is is available in a 78 card edition in color (Tabula Mundi Colores Arcus 1st edition is SOLD OUT but new editions are available; Tabula Mundi In Minima pocket size color version is available). The black and white (Tabula Mundi Nox et Lux in large) is SOLD OUT but a new MID SIZE edition is available. See www.tabulamundi.com for pictures. Tabula Mundi is also available in an extra large Majors only set, in color with silver foil or in black and white.

Full size vs Pocket Size : Both decks are printed by the same USA company. The difference is in the size, and the borders. Rosetta Tarot (Papyrus and Papyrus Gold editions are both full size) cards are 117x70 mm and come in a two part lined hard case with a gold foil symbol and 3 extra cards, on a slightly thicker stock. They have Papyrus borders with hieroglyphs. Pocket Rosetta tarot cards are 83x55mm and now comein a matching box, with a bag included. The smaller decks are ideal for portable magic techniques, and have the original black borders.

Rosetta decks come with a CUSTOMIZABLE SIGNIFICATOR, with one name or word on it. When you order the Rosetta Tarot Pocket Deck or Papyrus decks you will receive a free extra card where you can write your name in Egyptian hieroglyphs in a gold foil cartouche held by Seshet using the included instructions. This can be used as a significator in your tarot readings. Optionally for a small fee I can customize it for you; please specify the name you would like written on the bonus significator card when ordering in the "special instructions" box. If you pay for customization but no instructions are given as to the name desired, the shipping first name is used.

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For International FIRST CLASS: the shipping cost is based on weight and destination. A smaller deck is about $15-25 to ship. A set with both book and deck to Australia or Europe will be approximately $25-28 to ship. If ordering more than that, PRIORITY International FLAT RATE is a better choice cost wise as well as more reliable.

PRIORITY International FLAT RATE: Most orders fit in a single small flat rate box or flat rate padded envelope, currently approx $25-30 to Canada, $35 to South America and $35-40 to the rest of the world though prices are subject to change.

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