Rosetta PAPYRUS and Book of Seshet package
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Rosetta Tarot full size, and Book of Seshet are back, reincarnated with the Papyrus edition. This package includes the 240 page guidebook. The numbered edition of only 777 copies has retained the original art but updated the borders with the look of authentic papyrus, with the card titles hand written in Egyptian hieroglyphs. Comes with a hieroglyphic key card for translation, and a customizable significator card for your name, plus a card signed and numbered by the artist. Pdf instructions on reading and writing the hieroglyphs included; download link will be emailed. Little white book pdf upon request. card size 70x117mm

Edition is almost sold out, so limit of 2 per customer.

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Rosetta PAPYRUS and Book of Seshet package

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