Rosetta Tarot Large with Book of Seshet
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Our new larger edition of Rosetta Tarot packaged with the Book of Seshet at a discount. Cards are 3.25x5 inches and have updated borders with the attribution symbols. Card backs are printed in metallic ink with a slight sheen. The boxes are indigo with a gold foil ankh, lined with satin ribbon.

One significator card is included with the set, for YOU to customize. (We can't do it for you as it is shrink wrapped with the set)

You can optionally add a second one to practice on. For a limited time you can also ask the artist to write your name on it phonetically in Egyptian hieroglyphs. ONE name only. We use the First Name field from your shipping address.

*Book of Seshet backordered until week of Feb 27, 2023

  • Item #: 777-NR-BK

Rosetta Tarot Large with Book of Seshet

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